I-Spy Christmas Bag - Christmas Circles

$28.00 AUD


Product Description

I-Spy Christmas

30 things you can see; oh, and there's a mystery!

2 extra items not on the list;

If you're not careful, they could be missed!

The things are the same, but might change colour.

Do you have what it takes; do you have valour?


Look for hidden Christmas treasures inside this handheld puzzle game.

Entertain children and adults alike with this unique, colourful I-Spy toy.

Perfect boredom busters!

$28 each + P&H
* Each I-Spy Bag includes:

* 1x Puzzle Bag filled with hidden themed things to find.

* 1x Laminated list of things within the bag.

* 1x Erasable marker for crossing off the found things.


* Each bag measures approximately 20x20cm (8x8 inches) wide.

* Each bag is triple stitched for added security, but care is needed for children under 3 years.

* The things listed are all the same, but may be a different colour.

* Easily transportable.

* Each bag contains 30 things to find, hidden among non-toxic poly pellets

* Each bag has 2 mystery things to find.

* Custom orders welcome.

* Handmade in Australia.

I-Spy Christmas Bag - Christmas Circles