5x Little Pony Soft Elastic Hair Ties

$8.50 AUD


Product Description

A Prancing collection of Little Pony's; Little Pony's on white, cerise pink, dark purple and pale orchid, elastic hair ties which are soft and easy to use; for babies, kids and adults alike.

Soft and stretchy, they leave no creases in your hair and can be used as bracelets too!

$8.50 pack of 5 + P&H

* All five elastic hair ties are included:

* 1x Dark Purple
* 1x Cerise Pink
* 1x Pale Orchid
* 2x Little Pony

* Each measures 23cm long when cut and approximately 16cm circumference when tied.
* Each hair tie is hand cut and hand tied from 1.5cm fold over elastic.
* Each hair tie has heat sealed ends to prevent fraying.
* Custom orders welcome - create your own combinations.
* Handmade in Australia.