Wooden Teething Ring Christmas Candy Owls

$10.00 AUD


Product Description

Beech Wooden Teething Ring - Christmas Candy Owls

These rings are fantastic for gnawing on and relieving sore teething gums!

The bunny ears are made from printed Christmas cotton on the front, with soft Terry towelling on the back.

Each Beech Wooden Teething Ring is;

65mm x 15mm
Treated with Organic Coconut Oil & Beeswax
100% non-toxic

$10 + P&H

The bunny ears and ring can be separated and hand washed in warm soapy water - allow to dry before putting back together.

The ring can be retreated with a 2:1 ratio of beeswax to coconut oil (or just a light buff with coconut oil) - allow to dry before buffing any excess off with a clean dry cloth.

** Retreat the ring after a wash before putting the bunny ears back on **

(Some discolouration may occur when washing the ring due to washing/wear of the ring - will revert once treated again)

*** Diligence is required whenever giving anything to a small child; regularly check to ensure no parts are becoming loose or damaged that may become a choking hazard ***


Wooden Teething Ring Christmas Candy Owls