It all starts with an idea!

Crochet flower crown on a my designed unicorn.

Hello and welcome to BlueBuggs!

My name is Katt (It's actually Kathryn, but only two people in the world call me by that name; 1. my best friend and 2. my mother when I am in trouble! haha) and I'm a very proud mumma to my 5 gloriously individual children!

Australia is the place to be and has been my home ALL my life!

I have been creative my whole life and I crave change; so making things is one way I get to have change every day! :D

It all started as something I could do from home while I was pregnant with my last baby (now 7 and a half ;) ) as I wasn't able to work - as such, and found myself being asked to make more and then sell more to friends and their friends etc - so I thought I could make a go of this and see where it leads me... so, here I am! :D

Figuring out a name for my brand was REALLY hard! I ending up taking blue for my favourite colour and buggs for my kiddos (because 2 g's are better than 1!)... thus BlueBuggs was formed!

I am very pleased to join the online revolution, which gives me a wider audience for those who appreciate handmade, and I'm slowly adding to my list of items for ready made purchase.
Please bear with me as I get up and running... there are bound to be some Buggs *wink* some where!

Everything here is handmade by me from new materials and each, while looking similar, are individual and unique!
I am happy to make custom orders, as well as having items for purchase.

A Christmas themed I-Spy sensory bag.
Making pencil cases for my girls for school.
Custom Dream Catchers are perfect home decor gifts!


Berwick VIC 3806, Australia

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