Hot Hands Heat Packs - Shabby Chic - Lavender - Set of 2

$16.00 AUD


Product Description

Hot Hands Heat/Cool Packs

Perfectly hand sized packs, filled with Organically Australian grown Flaxseed & Organically Australian grown Lavender, as well as triple stitched for added security.

Flaxseed is better at retaining Heat than Wheat or Rice; it doesn't give off a smell when warmed, so you can enjoy the scent provided or just have the heat!

Flaxseed doesn't swell or retain water like Wheat or Rice; thus won't go mouldy!

Hot Hands can be used as either a Heat or Cold Pack!
Small enough to put in your pocket or to be used as a more targeted comfort area.

$16 set of 2 + P&H

*** Also available in Flaxseed or Flaxseed & Rose ***

Care and Usage Instructions are provided to get the most out of your Packs!
*** Fabric Pattern Placement May Vary ***

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